Friday, July 17, 2009

Mom went up to get Jack at camp, so it is just me and Joe. When I got home from work last night he wanted to play charades. I can't remember his first turn, but it was a movie and three words in the title and I just couldn't figure it out. It kept looking like he was flying, but that wasn't in the title.

Then I went. Even with my great acting and mime skills, I couldn't give him good enough clues to guess my movie, Monster Versus Aliens.

When it was his turn, he went with a book with two words in the title. I was a little suprised by this, 'cause we usually stick to movies. I figured a book would be easy since one of the words in the title had to be "baseball" or "hockey."

His first clue made had me guessing, "sick," and "dying." He was dragging himself across the living room clutching his chest and then falling to the ground. We decided to skip straight to the second word in the book's title. Joe made muscles and swung an imaginary baseball bat. I guessed "Babe Ruth" even though that is two words.

Then Joe found a book or magazine on the coffee table and put his fingers over some of the printed words on the cover, so that the only word showing was "children." So then I started to try and guess books with a title "____________ Children."

Joe said, "no, no, no." Then he ran into the dining room and picked up one of the copies of Mom's manuscript and pointed to the title.

Saving Henry

I told him that it was hard for me to figure out "Saving" when the clues he'd given me for the first word had to do with "sick" and "dying."

I did like the "Henry" clue, though. Don't know how I missed that.

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