Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Hen, I am terribly sad. I am sad for Beth and Mike. Their son died. He didn't want to live anymore. Mom is terribly sad, too. Mom and I are going to go to the funeral tomorrow. You loved visiting with Beth and you loved the way she said "Oh Dear." You would walk around saying "Oh Dear" all the time.

You don't remember this but when you were one year old we went to Martha's Vineyard, which is an island off of Massachusetts, and stayed in Beth and Mike's house as a little vacation before one of your surgeries in Boston. We had such a great time there together. It was Rosh Hashanah.

You, Mom and I went to tashlich services at Lambert's Cove and it was one of my favorite memories of us together as a family. We were on a beach - very different from tashlich in Washington, DC - and a young girl just fell in love with you and played with you on the sand.

Beth and Mike were very generous to us with their house and their love for you. I feel terrible that they have to go through this.

We went to the cemetery on Sunday. It was a great visit. The weather was perfect. Jack was with Matthew at his swimming pool. Mom, Joe and I hung out for a long while. Mom and I cried at different times just thinking about you. Emma and Sam left you little notes tied up in the tree next to your grave.

I left a bunch of your little guys - a tiny race car, a Pokemon coin, a Charmander and some other things - next to the headstone. I stomped them into the ground a bit so the lawnmower wouldn't eat them. I hope they are still there.

Uncle Dan is here. He flew in yesterday in his plane and I picked him up at the airport not too far from where I work. It is nice to have him here. He and your Hannah just flew up to Seattle and went camping. He is a really cool dad, and a great uncle.

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