Thursday, June 24, 2004

This is from the Fairview website. Mom was up talking to the doctors and nurses while you, Jack and I went down to the Turtle Derby. You were in love with the Minnesota Vikings cheerleaders. Two of them in particular, I recall. I think I know where those photos are. I need to ask Mom.

We had a Hope for Henry Foundation meeting at Georgetown last Friday. It made me feel so good to see everyone come out to honor you. (Rabbi) David Abramson and Dr. Wagner were both there but I didn't see Dr. Wagner. Do you remember David's son Louie? He was there too. The Foundation is going to get cool gifts for kids who are being treated at Fairview and Georgetown. Stuff you would have liked.

2004 Turtle Derby will be held June 24, 2004

When children come to Fairview-University Children's Hospital, they are given more than the best health care available. They also receive lots of attention from people who make their stay as comfortable as possible. Weekly family activities, weekly television shows for kids, videotapes and specially equipped wagons for those who can't walk are just some of the special touches provided by the Child Family Life Services staff to care for children their families. Those "extras" often cost money, however, and that's why Turtle Derby is so important.

Since 1987, this annual fundraiser offers fun for everyone. Hospitalized children and their siblings enter turtle drawings in a competition to draw the year's winning turtle design. Turtle sponsors watch their favorite reptile compete for the coveted title of "The Grandest Turtle of All." Clowns mingle with the crowd. Balloon bouquets brighten the stands. The smell of bratwurst on the grill wafts through the air. Commemorative t-shirts featuring the turtle drawings are sold and music plays.

The 18th Annual Turtle Derby, turtle races held each summer to raise funds for projects benefiting kids and their families at Fairview-University Children's Hospital, will be held Thursday, June 24, on Diehl Plaza on Fairview-University Medical Center's University campus.

“George,” this year’s winning turtle artwork, was created by Mathew Odette, 6.

Funds raised through the 2004 Turtle Derby will be used to help create a positive Pediatric Radiology experience for children. A medical playroom featuring child-sized radiology equipment models to familiarize children with exams through exploration and play will be established. Various enhancements designed to relax and entertain children during radiology exams will also be purchased, including video glasses enabling children to watch videos during their procedures, equipment that projects images onto radiology scanners to entertain children, and a portable distraction station featuring fiber optics, aroma and bubbles.

Since 1987, this annual fundraiser offers fun for everyone. Join us!

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