Saturday, June 19, 2004

School ended for Jack on Thursday. Neither Mom or I went to the graduation ceremony. That was just too darned sad when you were alive. I remember the last one where you looked so sick next to all of your classmates. You never really looked sick to me day-to-day. But that was particularly hard.

Your brother had a good year and brought home a great report card. One of the fun things he did was go spelunking. That is him, second from the right. Pretty cool, huh.

Joe Joe starts at the Gan in the fall. Boy is that going to be emotional. I always cried at Shabbat Sing. It will be hard at first, I am sure. The only truly sad thing is that Aunt Tracey isn't going to be his teacher. She has a different class. Oh well. I am sure she'll look in on him to make sure he is okay.

He is getting very grown up.

I love you big man.

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