Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Hey, guess what. We got the fish tank out of the garage and cleaned it out. Jack got it in his mind that he wanted to have fish again. We bought new gravel and all of these great Spongebob things to put in the tank. There is a pineapple - Spongebob's house - and Patrick's rock that he lives under.

Patrick's rock is a bubbler and it opens and closes. Very cool. We put in 2 Tetra fish and if they survive for a week or so, we'll buy more. I think Jack named them Tetree and Tetroo. He know which is which. Of course, all of this reminds me of when we bought the fish up in Minnesota for our hotel room to make it more of a home, and the fish tank in the clinic and the one in Dr. Van Burik's office.

Uncle Dan left this morning. Last night Jack had a sleepover in the basement with him and the fish. They read for a real long time and then fell asleep. It was very cute.


Chloe Surrency said...

Where did you get patriks house like that i've been looking everywhere, but i just can't find it.

Chloe Surrency said...
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OMJenkins said...

My fiancé decorated her fish tank with SpongeBob, but neither of us can find Patrick's house. Do you have any ideas?