Friday, June 11, 2004

I went to watch a funeral procession today. This was a few blocks from our house. It was President Reagan. He was President way before you were born.

When I was a little kid, the same age as you, Grandpa Teddy took me to the funeral of Dwight Eisenhower. His funeral was at the National Cathedral, like President Reagan's. Do you remember when we went to the White House and met President Clinton. You and Jack had a good time playing with Buddy, the President's dog. He is dead now, too.

Do you remember the little girl you met outside the Oval Office. She was playing with her Game Boy. Jack is so into his Game Boy now. He has a cable that connects his Game Boy to Sam Shoyer's and Jacob Stern's Game Boys.

This is how crazy Jack is about his Game Boy. We were driving to pick up Mom at the airport in Virginia. Jack was in the back seat and he started hopping around and said he had to pee. I asked if he could make it to the airport and he said "no." So I pulled the car off on the side of the road and opened his door. Instead of jumping out to pee in the grass he just sat there dancing in his seat and playing his Game Boy.

I said, "Jack, get out and pee," but he didn't move. He said that he couldn't because he was in the middle of a battle. Finally, I reached back and grabbed the Game Boy and said, "go." It was funny and frustrating at the same time.

You were the all-time champ at going to the bathroom on the side of the road. That is until we started carrying the urinal with us everywhere we went. Then I got smart and put the little potty in the car. Guess who is just starting to use that potty. Joe. I think Zhenny is more in a hurry to have him use it than anyone else. I think Mom and I did a good job just letting you guys figure it out at your own speed. Enough talk of poop and pee for today.

I love you little man.

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