Saturday, April 02, 2005

I surprised Mom last night. I told her that the minivan's battery was dead and asked if she would come pick me up.

When she got there I had her and the guys take the elevator upstairs with me. They didn't see that I pressed the LD button which stands for Loading Dock. When the elevator doors opened everyone was looking straight at the present I got Mom for her birthday.

We both got a little teary but that didn't last long. I was just happy that she was happy. I think the guys are psyched, but it probably won't be until we have it in the house and working before they get really excited.

The sign that we put on it has photos that we've taken at the photobooth at Funland. See the picture of you. I took that one of you and Mom in Rehoboth. I think it is nice because all of us on on there.

My friend at work, Marc, was really great about designing and printing the sign. I am going to have a more permanent sign made to put on the booth when we install it at home.

Oh yeah, I made the bow. I am pretty proud about that.

I love you. I said that out loud when I typed that. I hope you can hear me.

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