Tuesday, April 05, 2005

You know who I thought about tonight. The rabbi at Hackensack who also did magic tricks. These memories just keep popping into my head. I could be at work or home or driving or the grocery store and all of a sudden I start thinking about somewhere we were together.

It was fun when that rabbi came around to see us. He always found coins in your ears. He was kinda old but he was nice and he was gentle. I miss him. I miss you.

As I was driving home after work I heard someone on the radio talking about a man who just died. The man who died was called the Pope. That is like the chief rabbi for Catholics. Well this person who was talking said that the Pope was "in a better place" now that he is dead. I think she meant he is in heaven.

But as I was driving feeling the warm air through my open window and looking at all of the pink cherry blossoms all over the place I thought about you being "in a better place." I cannot think there is a better place for you to be than with Mommy, Joe, Jack and me in Washington, DC in the warm spring air with beautiful pink cherry blossoms on all the trees.

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