Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Papa Teddy has a friend named Gerri who he spends a lot of time with. She is really nice. It has to be very lonely for Papa Teddy since Grandma died and I am glad that he has found someone special to share things with him.

They both came to Mom's birthday and luckily Gerri brought a camera. You will remember that I told you how I forgot to put the batteries in the camera I brought to the party that night. I am really, really glad that Gerri took some pictures and shared them with us.

This shows Papa Teddy with a table filled with cakes and candies. Check out the huge Pixie Stix. Mom loved all of this.

A lot of people got up to say nice things about Mom. Here are Papa Sy and Nana. You can see you on the screen behind them. That is where the slideshow played all night.

Uncle Andrew and Aunt Abby said some funny things about Mom that I bet a lot of her friends didn't know about her. Aunt Abby is very pregnant and looks great. I am psyched she is about to have a baby and was very psyched she didn't have it at the party.

Jeffrey wrote stuff about Mom - the next 40 years. He is such a good writer and incredibly funny. Everyone laughed their heads off. Helaine was really funny, too.

This is a picture of Papa Teddy with Gerri. I thought you'd want to see her. I am glad that she came.

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