Thursday, April 14, 2005

We went to opening day for the Nationals. They are the new baseball team in Washington.

We waited an hour to get in. We missed the President throw out the first pitch. I was bummed about that.

Jack and Joe were great. They didn't get crazy waiting on line even though the wait was so long. In fact, they surprised me and Mom by having a really good time at the game and not wanting to leave.

I thought that maybe we'd make it an inning or two and then Joe would mmmeellltttt ddddoooowwwwnnn. But he didn't. He loved it. He cheered for the Nationals and clapped when music was played.

I guess part of it was thinking back to all the times we went to Orioles games at Camden Yards with you and Jack. We went once when I worked at VarsityBooks and we had a good time but it got too late for you guys and we went home. We did go once with you and Jack and Joe and we had amazing seats. Joe was the culprit then. He was a baby and he was not happy sitting in one place for too long. He fidgeted and cried a lot if I remember correctly. We got you and Jack great ballcaps on the way out.

The Nationals scored their first run at 8:14 pm. I was too excited to get the camera out for a photo in time. The scoreboard said 8:15 pm by the time I took the picture.

I really wish you had been there. You would have loved it. I really want to come out to the cemetery. I need to see you. I wish you could have worn a Nationals hat.

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