Thursday, May 04, 2006

I got a really nice note from Barry and his mom. I will make sure that I see him at some point. Maybe we can swing by Montana when he is back home and better.

We got a message about a kid who got a gift from Hope for Henry. She died and the parents want to make sure there are no photos of her on the hospital's website or our website. I find that really interesting because it is the opposite of how I feel about you. All I want are pictures of you everywhere for everyone to see. I want people to know about you and to hopefully love you like I did.

Last weekend I actually sat there and stared a a couple of photos of you that are on the desk in our bedroom. I realized that I kinda pass you by all day but never take time to look into your face and to look at your smile. It is like how we live in Washington, DC and don't look closely at the monuments or the White House or any of that stuff. We are so used to seeing it and it being a part of our lives we don't get so "wowed" by it anymore. It was nice to study your face.

I just started a book about childrens' heart surgeries and the doctors that perform them. I was on the first page and all of a sudden I started to see the scar that ran down your chest. I couldn't get past that first page. It felt good to remember that scar even though I had tears in my eyes.

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