Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baseball comes easy. Swimming and being in the water not so much. This is what Joe is mighty, mighty proud of.

Here is what is amazing about your little brother.

Today he had "Water Day" at school, which means he basically ran around getting soaked all day. After school let out he went to his swimming lesson at the JCC.

Then when he got home he went to go play tennis at Volta with Meg, our babysitter for the summer - she is a nursing student at Georgetown.

Then when he got back he asked if I would go to Stoddert to play catch with him. This is at 7:30 pm and he'd been in motion all day with very little food in his belly. When we got to Stoddert, he ditched me to play soccer with another family who we see there from time to time. After that family left at a little after 8 pm he got around to fielding grounders and hitting balls with me.

We finally got back in the house at 8:40 pm and he wasn't tired or ready to stop. He is a human perpetual motion machine. I am thankful for him getting me outside to do physical things. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with him for some years to come.

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