Friday, June 20, 2008

This is from Samantha McCarthy's Caring Page site. We had an awesome time with them. What a great family. I cannot think of a better person to send up to Capitol Hill than Sam. I bet they'll open up the U.S. Treasury to fund childrens' hospitals because of her.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 18, 2008 05:37 PM, EDT
Greeting from Washington DC
Thanks for visiting the site. We are trying to set up a website but right now it is not working so I will just tell you about our trip here and continue trying to get the website up and going.

We are in DC representing Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical at the National Association of Children's Hospitals Advocacy Day.

We have all come for the trip except for baby Jack since we are doing a lot of walking and thought it would be a bit much for him but we miss him a lot!

We arrived in town yesterday (Tuesday) and last night had dinner with our friends Allen and Laurie Strongin-Goldberg and their two sons Joe and Jack (what a conincidence). They hosted us at their home which is a short cabride from our hotel. They live very near Embassy Row which was cool to see on the way. We had a nice time playing at the park and a very cool ride home in their land rover defender under a clear sky with the top totally off. The full moon was very cool next to the Washington Monument.

We slept in a little this morning and opted to walk over and see the White House instead of the planned tour. It is very cool even from way out on the street.

We met the whole group for lunch at the hotel and then had our first meeting with Congressman Steve Chabot from Cincinnati. All of our kids were so well behaved and Samantha did a beautiful job explaining her diagnosis from the beginning to her current treatment and how important the bill considering pediatric treatment is to families like ours. I don't know that I have ever been more proud of her! Well, maybe I have but it was right up there. We spent some time visiting the Air and Space Museum and the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens too. Tonight they have a big dinner planned with lots of fun and entertainment for all the families. Samantha has already made friends today with other kids and we are looking forward to tonight

More to come soon so make sure to check back with us.

All our love,
Nikki, Dan Sam, Finn and Joe

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