Sunday, June 15, 2008

Your little brother strokes a double!

Luckily, baseball allows Joe to pursue his love affair with dirt. I think he is only in it for the acrobatic dives and stops. Gravity has a strong pull on him. By the end of the game he looks like he auditioned for a detergent commercial. For Joe, winning isn't any way as important as getting dirty.

I've gently explained that over time he'll learn that all of the rolling around isn't the most efficient or effective way to play defense. Interestingly, we were listening to XM's baseball channel and heard Tommy John, the former Yankee pitcher, say that he never saw Joe DiMaggio dive for a ball. DiMaggio was so fast he'd get to the ball hit to the outfield without any SportsCenter worthy dives.

I can remember another time when I was listening to stories about Joe DiMaggio on the radio. I was driving from the UPS place east of Minneapolis after shipping boxes of all of our stuff home. The author of a book about Joltin' Joe was being interviewed about the Yankee great and it sounded like his life was not a very happy one.

Maybe he needed to get his uniform dirtier.

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