Monday, June 23, 2008

I am writing you from one of our more familiar haunts - the emergency room at Georgetown (they have wireless Internet access now all over the hospital) Weren't we just here a few days ago for a carnival? It seems that Joe decided to head butt a dumpster behind Pearsons. The dumpster won. It made a gash in Joe's head that gushed blood all over Joe and Mom. When I got to the ER, Mom and Joe were sitting in the waiting room all covered in dried blood.

The fact that they were sitting in the waiting room was frustrating to them, but it made me feel good. It meant that Joe's cut wasn't all that bad. As you probably wouldn't ever be able to recall, you didn't have to wait when the police brought you here unconscious. They threw you right in there.

When I got here I went over to the Leavey Center and got Mom some coffee and Joe a brownie. They looked so beat up and I wanted to try to do something nice for them. It totally reminded me of how I kept busy whenever you were in the hospital. To keep Joe occupied I gave him my iPod and together we looked at some photos on the Internet. I pulled up the cool shots that my friend Lou Brutus posted on his Facebook page.

Joe actually met this guy today. Lastings Milledge, who plays for the Nats, came to Home Run Baseball Camp and visited with all the players. Joe was psyched.

We are now back in an exam room where Joe is getting his wound cleaned. He is even more psyched that he isn't getting stitches. Glue. That is what they use these days. Stitches and staples are totally old school. In fact, if you were having your heart surgery today they might even use glue to close your chest up.

I have to say that it is a shame that the ER is sooooo depressing. Of all the rooms and common spaces at the hospital, the ER is usually the most crowded and people wait there the longest. It would be nice to gussy it up a bit. Right now it could not be more sad.

One place that has been made super nice I am glad to report is the PICU. I went up there with a clown to invite kids to come down to the carnival and to give anyone who can't come down some presents. There is great lighting and flat screen TVs. It looks very modern, but still very warm.

Joe's cut is clean now. Maybe he will end up with a Harry Potter scar.

For being in the emergency room, Joe is in a very good mood. The doctor told him he needs to keep his head dry so there will be no showers and no swimming lessons for a few days. Joe just said this is the best day ever. Okay.

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