Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Dear Henry:

I found this cool XM light-up pen to bring home for Jack. Psych!

One more thing that you would like about the place where I work are the vending machines. They have Pringles but I am not sure about Skittles. I asked Mom why you cannot buy Power Bars and Cliff Bars in vending machines. Doesn't make sense. The candy guys must be really strong and well organized to keep the healthy choices out of the machines. You liked chocolate Power Bars. Thank god. Mom and I were always exasperated by you not eating. We were worried that you'd starve to death. It almost worked out that way. I don't remember how many times you had to go to the hospital for malnutrition. It was a lot. Pediatricians always tell parents, "don't worry, they won't starve." They weren't talking about little boys like you who had stomachs being ravaged by graft versus host disease.

Hen, I wish you could check out this M&Ms site that Jack keeps visiting on the Internet. It has fun music and pictures. Jack even made a Japanese Monster Movie.

I love you and cannot wait to come out tomorrow. So far the skies are clear.



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