Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Dear Henry:

I was clearing the table tonight after dinner and made a big discovery. I was looking at the surface of the table and saw "Henry" and "Henry" and "Henry." All over the table top was your name. Whenever you wrote your name on a piece of paper it made an indentation on the table. Jack and Mom came over and we all searched for "Henry's." Jack found a sentence that we all agreed says, "Henry Dad is burp."

I hope those Henry markings will always be there, but I know they won't. They're like you. Maybe we can put a pad on the table. Then we wouldn't be able to see the "Henry's." I guess this is one of those clear examples where we need to go on with things and live. A tabletop. Who'da'thunk it.

You know something. Whenever Mom was worried about one thing or another, like we missed a party or we weren't going to be able to go somewhere because you were sick or something, I always said, "don't worry, we have a lifetime." I don't think that is what people normally say in those situations. I know that I was saying this to give me and hopefully Mom confidence that it was really true. I think I would say it to you, too.

Mom is trying to put Joe to sleep and he is making a BIG fuss. I think it is time to call in the calvary - Me. I'll be back to write more soon.



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