Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Dear Henry:

It has been a really tough morning. Mom is gone on business and Jack and Joe were really good, but I had a lot of trouble getting going. Today is the "Moving Up" ceremony at school. I am proud that Jack will be officially a first grader. All of your class will become second graders. I am very sad that you aren't moving up. This day is about the living and about the future.

You are going to be a part of my future because this goodbye is going to last forever and ever. Or at least as long as this "blog" company is in existence. There is always pen and paper.

God, I love you so much.


p.s. Good news. Mary Beth, the person I told you about who just had a bone marrow transplant, just engrafted. I sent a little treat to her husband because the people who take care of the patients need to be taken care of too. I wish I was still taking care of you.

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