Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Dear Henry:

This morning was the first time that I dropped Jack off at the bus that takes him to camp. It is a new camp, not Beauvoir. On the way I kept thinking back to last summer and how you went to camp. You had a pretty good time if I am not mistaken. You were doing okay. This was before the whole almost dying thing in August . Your skin was getting better. I do remember that we went to the doctor a lot together because I was dropping you off or picking you up at odd times. We spent a good deal of time walking around the camp looking for your group. As always, you made good friends with the nurse. She was very nice and liked you a lot. You used to come to her office to take your pills and sometimes you would rest there.

I wasn't working last summer. Mom dropped you guys off in the morning on her way to work. Most days I would pick up you and Jack in the driveway after camp. Carpool line. I loved seeing you guys get excited when you saw the car. Then we'd hang out at home.

The nurse at Jack's camp called on Monday, which was his first day, to tell Mom that Jack had "suffered a head injury." I think what he got was a bump on that rock-hard melon of his. The camp even sent home a note about Jack's head. If Jack ran into a brick wall the camp would be smart to send a note home to the mother and father of the brick wall. Everyone is so worried about things. It is kind of like the man's email to me about the masks. I think I shouldn't have used the expression, "life or death."

Last year I got calls from camp or school letting me know that you needed to come home. Usually you were just too tired. I rode my bike to work yesterday. I wouldn't have been able to do that last year. I always needed a car nearby so I could get to you quickly. I liked being needed by you and rushing to get you as long as it wasn't too serious.

I am in a hurry to be with you now. I have wanted to get out to the cemetery but I am working and it isn't easy to get there. Tomorrow I am going out there with Mom. We have a meeting with the people there to talk about your headstone, the bench next to your grave and some other things. I'm bringing HPV: Order of the Phoenix.

Until tomorrow, Mr. Henry,


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