Saturday, June 21, 2003

Dear Henry:

I need to spend more time telling you about the family and about good things. Sometimes I think I write too much about how sad I am and how awful life is without you. I know that you want us to have fun and here is some.

This is another one of those pictures that parents love but kids probably hate. It's cute now but I am sure Joe will think it is embarrassing when Mom or I show it to his girlfriend.

Joe can now say "bye" and it sounds like he is really talking. Normally he speaks in Joe language which is a few vowels and consonants away from being understandable. Mom says that Joe can say "Batman." I am waiting to hear it. The littlest man had a date and sleepover with Zhenny last night so Mommy and Jack and I could stay out super late. Joe was so excited to go to Zhenny's. He had a great time.

Sam Shoyer is sleeping over here tonight. Paula and Andy have so many kids that I bet they might not notice that he is missing. I better go set up the fort on your and Jack's bed for them.

I owe you a visit but I need a little cooperation from the weather. Too bad the rain can't wash away sadness.

Love you, my man.


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