Thursday, June 26, 2003

Dear Henry:

We came out to the cemetery this morning. It was fun reading to you. I told Mom that I could see your expression when I read the part about Harry being banned from Quidditch for life. You would have given a great "Oh my gosh" look with eyes wide in disbelief. You had great facial expressions.

Mom sat on the grass next to you and I sat up on the bench and read out loud.

Speaking of the bench, we bought it. After we visited with you, Mom and I went into the cemetery office and met with a nice man who helped us order your headstone and buy the bench that is right next to your grave. You know how you loved to write your name on EVERYTHING. Well, guess what. We put your name on the bench. It will say, "Henry's Place." You were very good at writing your name on all of your possessions to make sure that your things wouldn't get confused with Jack's things.

We were able to order the headstone with everything on it. That makes it sound like a pizza. We will have Batman's bat signal and the Pokeball. This is the letter that let's us use the bat signal.

The Batman people's stationary is really cool. Check out what is on the back.

I asked the man at the cemetery if he knew what happened with the young boy who is buried near you. He told us that one day the boy was running a fever and his mommy brought him to the doctor. The doctor prescribed some medicine, probably antibiotics, and sent him home. He got into bed and went to sleep. When his mommy came in to see him in the morning he never woke up.

Take care of him, okay.

We want to have the unveiling around your birthday. It probably will be on the day after, which is Sunday, October 26. Mom wants to have the best party bags ever! Isn't that just like Mom. It is just like you.

Oh man, oh man. Do I ever miss you. I didn't cry or get too sad today. I just really feel how you are gone.

I love you, Henry.

Huuuuugggggggssssss (and tickles).

Dad a.k.a the Tickle Monster

p.s. a.k.a. means, "also known as"

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