Sunday, June 15, 2003

Dear Henry:

Today is Father's Day. We saw Pop Pop Teddy at breakfast and Papa Sy at dinner. It was nice to see them. Mom told me that she understands that we are never going to have the "whole family" here for anything ever again.

Mommy and Jack and Joe and I went to the big boy park for a little while in the afternoon. I sat on the bench and leaned over and cleared the leaves and sticks of the brick in the ground that says, "We love Dad, Henry & Jack." For a while I just sat and watched Jack and Joe play. Jack was on the swings and went really high. Then I looked over at the field and watched the older boys play baseball. I hope all the dads watching their sons were proud of them.

After we finished at the park and ate some ice cream, Jack came with me to my office. He was on the Absolutely Mindy show on XM Kids for about an hour. Jack talked about birds and Uncle Stinky and the end of school. He was a little shy at first and then he felt more comfortable and had a lot of fun. You should have seen him talking. He would use his hands when he spoke. It was beautiful.

It is bedtime. Mom just tucked in Jack. As Mom was getting ready to leave, Jack told her that he had the most exciting day ever. He said that was because he saw an adult centipede, he made a paper mache volcano, he was on the radio, he has only four days of school left and it's Father's day.

It was an exciting day for me, but you know how sad it was, too. You made me a father. You also made me a good father. I love you for that.



p.s. Thanks for the shirt that you and Jack and Joe gave me.

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