Monday, December 20, 2004

All of your DC cousins and aunts and uncles and Nana and Papa went out for your deathday last weekend. First we went to lunch at your favorite restaurant, Cactus Cantina, and then we all went to the cemetery. At lunch, Nana had brought with her all of the photos that she had of you that she thought Mom and I might not have seen before. That was great. Here are some of them.

The cemetery was pretty tough. We all said some stuff. Mom talked about you and how many lives have been changed and saved since you died. I said a prayer that I like. Everyone walked over to visit other graves and I was left alone with you. I kissed your headstone and then I just knelt there and looked at your grave and sobbed and sobbed.

I went over and visited Grandma and you know something, I cried there, too. That was a first for me. I think I am just starting to really get sad about Grandma's dying. You were so sick and then you died and I just don't think I ever had time.

I miss her. It is tough not having a mom. It is tough not having you.

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