Thursday, December 09, 2004

We went to Georgetown Hospital today to give all of the kids the portable DVD's and CD players, and digital cameras and Game Boys and other stuff they asked for.

One of the girls who was going to get stuff died. We are going to give her Hope for Henry gift to her family. I forgot that could happen.

Mom wrapped all of the gifts up in this cool wrapping paper and there were stickers on things that said "Caution: Contents May Cause Smiles," or something funny like that.

I think you'll recognize Dr. Shad, and Suzanne and Tracey.

Do you remember when Dr. Brochstein used to tell you at Hackensack that you weren't allowed to smile in the hospital. That was always funny.

You are even in that photo. See your Superman cutout that you made from styrofoam.

The boys and girls really liked their stuff. The Hope for Henry Foundation also gave the clinic new computers and printers. It felt really good to give the kids things and to also just sit and talk to them and their brothers and sisters - who also got presents.

This one guy Kyle just happened to turn 11 years old today. I know it is rotten to be in the hospital on your birthday.

Here is a link to more photos.

A friend that I've made through work, John Harrington, was nice enough to come and take pictures of everything. I have been sick lately and didn't want to go into Kyle's room -- he had a bone marrow transplant -- so I am glad John was able to take pictures, so I could see Kyle smile.

It also happens to be Hannukah tonight. That was one of my last memories of you. Your now famous last words were something like, "Mom, this is a really rotten first night of Hannukah," or something like that. I'll check with Mom.

I ordered Jack the new Nintendo Game Boy; it is called the Game Boy DS. It is sitting on my desk. What is new about it is that it has two screens. I think the Game Boy has been a great companion to Jack through all of the hard times of your hospitalization and your death and through to today. I bring that all up because there was a news story today how Game Boys are good for relieving stress and distracting kids who are having medical procedures and who are sick. We knew that all the time.

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