Friday, December 31, 2004

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Hi Laurie,
I don’t know if you remember me, my name is Amy and I was one of Henry’s nurses on the Children’s Center in Minneapolis. I was with you a lot before he got really sick, but I was visiting in California when he died. I said good-bye to him when he was sleeping the last night I worked with him because I was hoping he would be back with your family recovering at home when I got back from my vacation. Instead I got a phone call on my flight home and learned of his death, I was so devastated that my good-bye turned out to be a final one.

I was thinking of Henry this year during Hannakuh, because he enjoyed opening the many presents from so many people who loved him. I remember him listening raptly to King Arthur, I think it was something his Uncle sent him. You told us about his teacher that loved him so much she wanted to have him back again. He got big eyes, was silent and beamed. Your love for each other made that room full of light and warmth. When I see the candles, I feel they symbolize the brightness and love your family embodied those evenings.

I wish you the best of everything,

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