Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Jack did these in school. His favorite book is the DC Comics Encyclopedia. He reads it every day over and over.

Joe is a superhero. His name is "Naked Boy." His superpowers are pooping on the potty and not making a fit when he gets his hair cut. I am going to take off some time from work next week and I will give you my Joe update.

Joe and Jack went to the doctor this morning with Mom. We didn't know it but Joe dislocated his elbow yesterday. He was in a great deal of pain pretty much all last evening and night. We didn't know what happened to make his hand hurt and couldn't see anything and weren't sure if we needed to take him to the hopsital for an x-ray. He has complained about the same thing 2 other separate times months ago and then it went away before we went to the doctor. We thought it was the same thing and it would resolve itself.

The doctor said that his elbow went back into place the other times and it was still dislocated when he took a look this morning. He has something called "nursemaid's elbow".

Jack has a bad cough and Joe may have an ear infection on top of his elbow problem.


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