Friday, December 10, 2004

Jack was sooooo excited about the GameBoy. He leapt into my arms and gave me a full on, legs wrapped around hug.

It was awesome.

Tomorrow is your deathday. We are going to the cemetery. Jack has a good distraction in case he doesn't want to get too sad.

Mom and I talked tonight about what we might do tomorrow at the cemetery -- what we might say. A bunch of people are coming, all your cousins and Nana and Papa Sy. I might say something about your life and Mom will talk about how you have touched people since you died.

Joe knows about you and knows that you are dead. The other day when we were driving to school Joe asked me where we were. I said we on the way to school. That wasn't good enough. Joe said he wanted to know exactly where we were. I said that we were on the corner of 16th Street and Taylor Street in Northwest, Washignton, DC. He then started asking me about Aunt Tracey's dog, Taylor's, recent death. We talked about Taylor and then I figured I might ask him about your death, too.

Joe said he knew that when someone like you, or a dog like Taylor dies people cry. He also told me that when you die you lose your friends. I said that Taylor and you didn't lose your friends when you died. I explained that you just couldn't play with your friends anymore. To Joe, you are his brother who just isn't here. Whenever I ask him where you are, Joe says you are "home."

I once read that "Home is where you are loved."

Now when we are in the car Joe always wants to hear Dogs Out. That is his cute way of saying, Who Let the Dogs Out. Remember when I bought that for you and Jack in Minnesota. When we get to school it is always too early for Joe to go into his classroom so we play football downstairs in the Gan space.

I bought Jack and Joe footballs for Hannukah. I made sure they got outdoor things as well as indoors stuff like the GameBoy.

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