Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It is Father's Day this weekend. Probably my least favorite holiday. I get sad. I got us tickets to go see the Nationals play the Yankees. We are going to take Papa Teddy and Jeri. I am really psyched to go to the game. I wonder if they'll let everyone down on the field at RFK for a catch the way they do at Fenway. That would be very sweet.

Papa Teddy sold the place where he and Grandma used to live. He lives with Jeri now in a house they bought together. To be honest with you I am a little scared to go there. I think I will have to really think a lot about Grandma being gone.

I went to Joe's end of the school year picnic last week. What was great was that it was down the block at Guy Mason. Scudi was there. The last time I was there with her was when you were alive and she was taking care of Jack and Nicky Picky and you.

She knew exactly where the brick was that we bought that has you and Jack on it.

Joe is doing baseball camp for a couple of weeks and then he goes to Beauvior. It will be interesting to take him there. I will definitely visit with the nurse. She loved you.

Jack's school ends on Friday. He is going to camp at Sidwell Friends and then he is off to sleep away camp for a month.

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