Thursday, June 01, 2006

This morning Jack and I went grocery shopping. I was excited to see a bunch of new kinds of band-aids, including these Avatar ones. Avatar is a cartoon that started way after you died. Jack watched it a lot when it first came on, but he lost interest. Not sure he watches any TV anymore. Mostly he plays computer games. Age of Mythology is what he spends most of his time on right now.

We took the band-aids down to Georgetown. I need to set up something to remind me every few weeks to bring new ones to the clinic. Mom and I were told that the kids up on the floor really like having the fun band-aids as well. We are going to start supplying them regularly too. I guess we need to buy another "Henry's Toolbox."

Oh yeah, Jack does watch TV. Last night, Jack and I watched the Orioles game. It went into extra innings which was no big deal because Jack had no school today. The Orioles won. It was nice to sit with him and watch. We saw Susan and Simon and Alex at the game. They were sitting in the first row. I sent Susan a message and told her we could see her. It looks like they stayed 'til the end.

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