Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Mom just sent me this photo of Jack. I cannot believe we got something this fast. I have one picture of me from each year at camp, and it is one that they took of all of us in our group.

Jack, of course, looks so much cooler at 9 than I was at 12. You and your brothers are just so much cooler than me and Mom.

When Jack was getting ready to leave he spent a lot of time getting rid of all of the songs on his iPod that had bad words. I don't know if it was him or Mom that thought of doing that.

I thought about that movie that you and I kept watching on HBO in the hotel in Minnesota just before you got really sick and had to go back in the hospital. It had all of these bad words and I thought, "who cares."

I am glad you heard all of that "salty language" before you died. Made you a little more grown up. I wonder where "salty language" came to describe bad words. I bet it has something to do with the sea and sailors.

Sailors were supposed to swear a lot. Here is one sailor who doesn't use "salty language."

As you can see, Joe is a "cool" sailor, and here is your dorky father. Same hat 40 years earlier. When I saw that hat, I had to go find these pictures I knew Grandma had of me. I was almost the same age as Joe.

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