Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I think it was last year that I showed you a story about David Ortiz in Sports Illustrated. Yesterday I read an article about his teammate, Manny Ramirez, in the USA Today.

Jack is still a huge Red Sox fan, and Mom, Joe and I definitely like Manny. This was my favorite part of the article.

"My biggest dream is not to hit 500 home runs or 600 or 700," says Ramirez, who turns 36 on May 30. "My dream is for God to give me enough health to watch my kids grow up, have a beer with them, watch them graduate. That's my Hall of Fame.

"You might hit a home run or whatever, but getting home and having your kid tell you, 'Daddy, I love you,' that's priceless."

Those words might seem at odds with Ramirez's image as a goofy character without a care in the world, an impression bolstered by his baggy uniform, flapping dreadlocks and lapses as a fielder and baserunner. But current and past teammates, as well as others close to him, insist that snapshot doesn't fully capture Ramirez.

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