Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I like this picture of you. I am going to start putting up a lot more of them - Operation Digital Henry Lives!

I cried all the way to work today. And that is saying a lot. Normally it takes me 15 minutes but today it took me twice as long because there was an accident or something.

I think I cried because I was driving Mom's car. Mom is home with Jack and Joe and needed the minivan. So we switched cars. When I played the first CD in the player, it was the one you and I used to listen to of the kids singing pop songs.

I went straight for Sweet Caroline, which you and I would sing really loud on our trips together in Mom's car to the PUVA clinic in Baltimore. I thought really hard to remember if we ever got shaved ice in the parking lot next to the doctor's office and I am positive we did. I don't remember what flavor. Maybe root beer. All those Baltimore high school kids used to hang out there.

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