Sunday, June 05, 2005

It was perfect weather for Papa Sy's birthday. Everything looked beautiful. You remember when we went to St. Michaels for Papa Sy's 70th? It rained so hard and everyone and everything got wet. It was pretty miserable.

This was the opposite.

Nana made a garden between the house and the pool that she calls Henry's Garden. It is in the grove of birch trees. It is nice and cool and shady there.

Here is Papa Sy. He had a really good time.

Last week I scanned in 150 pictures that Nana put together from Papa Sy's life for a slide show.

Friends from all over and from long ago came to celebrate. There were a lot of people from New York.

Here is Tania Grossinger and Mom.

All the cousins were there.

Even your newest one, little Noah. Noah is 5 weeks old.

Uncle Peter and Aunt Alice were there. I wanted to show you this great picture of Cousin Catherine and Sarah that Tim sent to me the other day.

You probably wouldn't remember that Catherine used to live with you, me and Mommy.

Today Uncle Andrew and I went on a snake hunt. It wasn't much of a hunt because we know where they live. They hang out (literally) in the boat shed.

When I opened the door to the side where they live Uncle Andrew said, "there's one right over your head." Okay, that freaked me out. The snake was right above the door and then he slid down to be near his buddy.

They're pretty big, dontcha think. Everyone came over to check them out.

When I asked all the boys what was the highlight of the weekend, they all said, "the snakes!" Sorry Papa Sy.

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