Wednesday, June 01, 2005

We went to St. Michaels last weekend for Memorial Day. Here are your goofy brothers and your goofy cousin Sam. I took a really long bike ride to Tighlman Island. I rode past Uncle Peter and Aunt Alice's new house. It is nice that everyone is close by.

When I got back to St. Michaels I sat on a bench in town next to the toy store. I was waiting for Mom and everyone who were riding there from Papa Sy's. The weather was so nice. I felt great. I saw these four boys, probably 13 or 14 or so, who were just walking along the street. They were just walking along talking. I watched them and it made me think of you. I sat there and cried. It was a little weird because it was so sunny, but I still felt good. I was thinking how those boys looked just like you and Jack and Joe and Sam would look a few years from now.

Today is cousin Michael's birthday. He is all grown up. He is eleven. Can you believe it. In the car back from St. Michaels I was remembering how bummed out we were that you and Jack weren't invited to Michael's birthday party right before we left for your transplant. It didn't seem fair. Mom pointed out that none of the cousins are really invited to each other's birthday's anymore. Everyone is getting old.

I love you. I haven't been out to the cemetery for a really long time.

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