Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Joe freaked me out last night. He wanted to take a bath so I told him to take his clothes off. When he took off his shirt there was a big square bandage on his chest. He didn't have a bo-boo or anything -- he just likes bandaids and put a really big one on his chest.

It feels like you lived half your life with a big bandage on your chest. First it was for your heart surgery and then it was for the central line for your transplant.

I asked Mom about it. She said she was freaked out by it too.

This is us 4 years and 6 days ago. I don't know if you still have a Hickman in, but it looks like there is a line. Even though it is hard to see me, I am in the photo with you and a lot of beanies. I spy a fish and a dog.

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