Monday, June 13, 2005

I was away for the weekend for work. I went to a music festival called Bonnaroo. A lot of bands played and it rained a lot. I slept on a bus. It was great fun.

Still, I missed everyone at home something fierce.

I thought of you when I was walking through the airport yesterday. Looking up at all the gate signs reminded me of the airport in Detroit where I used to go to see Dr. Hughes. Looking down at my bag made me remember that it was part of the L.L. Bean luggage I bought for all of us when we headed to Minnesota for transplant. It had always bothered Mom that we never had any suitcases, so I bought all of these new red and black bags for our journey. I was very hopeful.

I found this picture the other day. We took it just past National Airport. Either we were dropping Mom off for a flight or picking her up after a trip. I don't remember.

The photo is color but I thought it might look good just black and white. Maybe not so smart since you are wearing your M&M race car shirt. One thing you missed was when they took all of the color out of M&Ms this year. That was weird. There are going to be race cars and race car drivers at my office next week. It kills me that my job is so much fun and you never got to know anything about it. Jack and Joe will be here for the race cars.

Mom and Joe and I are going to JPDS later this week to join Jack to put up a plaque that we had made. It has your photo and talks about what kind of student you were. I'll take plenty of pictures.

I feel bad that I missed Jack at JPDS last week when he performed in the school talent show. He played Turkey in the Straw on the piano.

I only found out about it the day that he was going to play. I never want to miss these things. Mom took video which I am psyched to watch this week.

Mom tells me he was awesome. I am really proud of him. You'd be proud too.

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