Monday, March 26, 2007

We went to the JPDS Purim Ball last night. The Mintz's, Moskowitz's and Susan took out an ad in the program remembering you. That is so nice of them. There was an auction and we bought a locker. That means we get to put a plaque on one of the lockers at school. I told Mom that we should just put something that includes your name, and Jack and Joe's names on it. Something like, "This locker smells because Henry, Jack and Joe Strongin Goldberg had their stinky stuff in it." I don't know if they'd go for that. No-one would want to use it. We'll see.

The guest of honor last night was the Mayor of Washington, DC. His name is Adrian Fenty. You met the old mayor, Anthony Williams, at Glover Park Day one year. This new guy is young, smart and a really hard worker. He hasn't been on the job too long.

This is a picture of Mom and Caryn Pass talking to the Mayor last night. That is the back of Mom's head.

On Friday, the Mayor came to school and talked to JPDS students and to students from schools nearby who were invited. Jack asked the Mayor how he likes being mayor. The Mayor said it is fun. This was a story from the newspaper about the visit. You can see Jake on the far right in the top photo. When I click on this and see a big version of the story, I can see Maxwell on the left of the Mayor and David Lane to the right of the Mayor in the bottom picture. I gotta figure out how to get the photos to be bigger without clicking.

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