Friday, March 09, 2007

I am in the airport in Long Beach, California waiting for my flight home. The idea is to take the plane home through the night and wake up in Washington. There is an Eagle Festival tomorrow at Blackwater Wildlife Refuge that we are going to.

I really like this airport. I come here a lot. I've been here 3 times in the last 6 weeks. This airport is small and old-timey. Tonight I sat outside on the balcony here and watched airplanes and helicopters take off and land while the sun was going down over the runways. It was pretty. Balconies are fun. They have them at Adas Israel and the Uptown Theatre. Must be an old-timey thing 'cause those are old buildings, like this airport. I also like that they have plain old stairs to get on and off the airplane. You can actually sit on the balcony and watch someone get on their airplane. In Washington you can never get that close any more.

Another thing I like about this airport is there is a golf course right next to it. When I get here early I stop there and hit balls at the driving range. I have a blister on my hand from doing that last week when I was here. I need to bring a glove with me in my briefcase.

It's been a hard week: first the funeral and then I was in New York and now Los Angeles. Zach was a huge Herbie the Love Bug fan and there is a Herbie VW Beetle in the driveway of his house. When we went over for shiva the 2 things that hit me were that car and the mechanical chair that helped him get up and down the steps. I think it will be a very, very long time before his mom and dad do anything about those things. I hope Mom and I can help them if they need it, but I think they are just going to be super sad for a long time.

We got a lot of different bad news and a little good news this week about other friends and things. I'm tired and I can't wait to get home. Been thinking about you a ton. I love you.

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