Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I want to take some time in the next few weeks and explain to you my new job. It is kind of "out there." We use fMRI's to look at people's brains while they are watching TV ads. It is a long way from the radio business, but it is another new technology and I like that.

This weekend when we were at Georgetown Hospital, I walked through the Radiology Department and remembered all of the CAT Scans and MRIs that you used to get. They have a pretty thick file on you. Maybe I should go grab all of that film before they toss it. That could become part of my digital Henry project - Henry Inside and Out.

This is a TV commercial that I am in from a long time ago. I was walking down the street in Austin, Texas with my friend Edmond. The people doing the commercial asked me what I though about a McDonalds hamburger being only 49 cents. I thought that was "Excellent." I wonder what people's brains would think about me.

Maybe the best part of the commercial was the "Premiere" party my friends and I had to view the ad for the first time. We catered the party with McDonalds hamburgers, french fries and a keg of beer.

I'll write you more about what I am doing soon.

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