Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Isn't this nice. I am going to help Mom set up a blog for the Hope for Henry website so she can post great emails like this, photos, videos and other good stuff.

Hello there!

My name is Jamie. This summer I have been selected as the charity chair for the DC Potomac Kickball League, a division of the World Adult Kickball Association. Each summer we choose a charity in the local community that we feel can use the funds we raise over the season. This year we would like to contribute our season's collection to Hope for Henry. We feel that your organization keeps in spirit with our league and is doing wonderful work for children. Could you please send me some information about how to contribute funds?

Our aim is not only to raise money, but to educate our players about the charity and encourage them to continue on with their charitable endeavours after the season. If you have any information you would like us to distribute about Hope for Henry we can definitely do that as well. Finally, I was wondering if you took used electronics (like old gaming systems) as donations as well? I was thinking about organizing a drive at one of our events.

Thanks you so much for the great work Hope for Henry is doing. We at DC Potomac only hope that this summer we can give a little back as well. I would like to kick off our efforts next week at our Team Captains Meeting, so any information you could share with me would be fabulous!



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