Friday, March 30, 2007

Mom wanted to put together an album of photos from last year to take with her to China. Here are the photos I chose for her. It was interesting to look at everything just from 2006.


There are a few on there from this year, but not too many. The hard drive that had all the photos on it got dropped on the floor and it is broken. That hurts.

We are heading to St. Louis tomorrow for Passover. I think this might be the third year in a row that we are going to Aunt Jen's. We'll talk about Hannah's Bat Mitzvah, which you'll play a big part in. Jack got his Bar Mitzvah date yesterday. I think it is December 19, 2009. Can you believe they schedule these things so far in advance. Everything has gotten so complicated.

I'll definitely put up some photos from St. Louis. Jack going to go with Aunt Jen, Uncle Dan and Hannah on a tour of important civil rights places in the South, like Selma, Alabama. Mom and Joe and I will be heading home 'cause we gotta work.

Love you big man.

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