Monday, March 05, 2007

I have the worst headache. It is from crying all morning. The funeral was beautiful. All of Zach's family said something. I don't know how they did it. I thought Mom said something at your funeral, but she reminded me that actually it was Aunt Abby and Uncle Andrew reading the eulogy Mom wrote.

Zack's sister, Janie, who was in your kindergarten and first grade class, told a very funny story about when she and Zack were on a water ride. She was extremely brave. Mom told me that she used to write you big cards with rainbows on them.

Zack was buried about 20-30 yards away from you. It was a really nice spot right on the edge of the trees. Sid said that it was almost the place they got for you. He also told me that he thought about you a lot through the ceremony because the way everyone described Zack it sounded like you - happy, full of life and kisses, never complaining, wise beyond your years.

Elaine had it really rough. Both you and Zack were very special students for her. And she lost you both.

I am back at work and I have a lot to do but I feel exhausted. It was nice to visit your grave. I'm not sure what happens after you die, but keep an eye out for Zack and take good care of him.

I love you.

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