Saturday, November 15, 2003

After we got our car we drove next door to the Mall of America. Did you know that the Mall of America isn't heated. The body heat of all of the people who are shopping keeps the place toasty warm. That's so cool. Mom and I headed straight for the Lego store. There was one change. They have a "Pick a Brick" section where you fill a container with different Legos of all different colors. It is like a candy store. I bought Jack a really big Lego. I owed him. I'll explain that too you later.

This is a picture of you at the Lego store at Mall of America on our last trip. I think the new Harry Potter movie is coming out soon. The previews for it are already showing. Do you remember how I found on the Internet the previews for the last Harry Potter movie. You and Jack watched and got very excited for the movie. It says "The Boy Who Lived," on your headstone. At the unveiling service I explained how that came from Harry Potter, and that you, like Harry, had escaped death. I also said that like Harry, you lived life to its fullest.

The Mall of America wasn't as much fun as it used to be. In fact, it wasn't very much fun at all. The fun used to be watching you and Jack on all the rides, or getting excited about racing cars at the Lego store or climbing the climbing wall, or buying you presents to get you to smile. There was none of that, so Mom and I didn't stay very long.

As we drove into town we stopped by some of "our" places. We went to the bread bakery in Lake Harriet and to Creative Kidstuff, which is across the street.

Last November you and I bought a nok hockey game for Hannukah. We had it shipped home. It got there; you didn't. It really has never been used by Jack. You need two people.

Then Mom and I walked over to Wild Rumpus. Do you remember that bookstore where we bought the Encyclopedia Brown books? They have tarantulas, chickens, cats and a bunch of other wild things running around. Joe would love it.

We found a new Nate the Great book and I bought it for Jack. That is a series I think you liked more than Jack, but I hope he enjoys it.

We headed to the hotel which was downtown. I only remember coming down there once when we bought you and Jack a fish tank and a fish, a Beta. We set up the fish tank in the Radisson. Mom said she had come downtown with Jack and Molly Nash and her parents to see Bear and the Big Blue House.

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