Tuesday, November 11, 2003

There is a friend of Roger's who is painting the inside of the house. His name, and I am not making this up, is "Wild Pig." I met him this morning. He is really nice and really cool. I think he is a surfer like Roger.

This weekend when Mom was gone, Jack and I pulled out the Yahtzee game in the basement closet. No-one had played since you and Jack played sometime last year. Your scoresheet was on top.

Mom went to Jack's Veteran's Day assembly. I couldn't go because I have a lot of work. So does Mom - she is better at managing her time (that's a grown up thing). I missed the assembly last year, too. All I could think of today was Jack's Hannukah performance last year with his school in Minnesota. It was the night before everything happened. We saw a lot of friends there. I remember what I ate. I remember being in the car and calling Nana who was with you at the hospital. I remember her telling Mom that she should get back, that you needed her. I remember everything about that night. I wish I had gone with Mom to the hospital.

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