Saturday, November 29, 2003

Thanksgiving made me think about your first Thanksgiving, when you were one month old. We all went out to Annapolis to be with Nana and Papa Sy. There was no Jack and there was no Joe, just you. Nana and Papa Sy sold that house and moved out to St. Michaels when you were maybe 2 years old. This house in St. Michaels seems like home now. There are a lot of good Henry memories out here. I wish I had been doing what I am doing now, taking lots of pictures and writing everything down, when you were alive.

Joe and I drove into town in the morning to get Mom some mushrooms. Mom wanted one pound. I didn't know how many ounces are in a pound so I ended up buying close to 3 pounds of mushrooms. I guess that is why it is important to pay attention in school. When we drove back there were a few people out taking walks. Everyone waves to you when you pass by. That is nice. What else is nice is that cell phones don't work out here. It is very quiet except for the sound of the water and the occasional shotgun barrage, which sounds like popcorn popping in the distance. There were new signs on the doors all over Minneapolis that said "Please do not bring in your guns." I don't know what that is all about. Papa Sy didn't get a goose this morning even though he had "non toxic" shotgun shells. I thought that was kinda funny.

When he came back we went out to bag us a cow. There are some beautiful cows -- they are called Scottish Highlanders and look like big shaggy dogs with horns -- that now live up the street.

Joe was probably the most excited. We all cracked up when the big bull turned his tushy toward us and pooped. Joe learned a new expression, "Poopy Cow."

From big bulls to little bugs, Joe is having a great time. We found a praying mantis and put it up in the tree. Joe sat in the tree and put his nose right up close to the praying mantis, just studying it. It was just like when we were at the zoo and he would not leave the hippos. "Big."

In the afternoon Jack wanted to take out the rowboat. I had never been in it before. We rowed all the way across the cove and back. Jack wanted to row and it was a little hard so I helped him. One day he'll be taking the Tashmoo out all by himself.

Jack had a homework assignment. He had to list the things for which he is thankful. Jack said he is thankful for:
1. Family
2. You
3. Animals
4. Water
5. Food
6. Air

Later in the day we took a drive to Tighlman Island. It got beat up by the hurricane. Joe slept as we drove over to Uncle Peter's new house. They aren't here this weekend. I hear they have real pool inside this house. You and Jack used to think their bathtub in New Jersey was a pool. Baths there were so great because we could all fit.

There were 10 deer on the driveway as we came up to the house. I am sorry Joe was asleep and missed them. He would have been very excited.

Before dinner was ready I sat at my usual spot in front of the fireplace and looked at photo albums that Nana has on her coffee table. I thought I had looked through them before but all of the pictures seemed new to me. Finally we were all ready to sit down for dinner and I lost it. Thinking of you, seeing your face I just fell apart and wept.

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