Wednesday, November 12, 2003

You know how you liked teeny tiny things. Joe likes really big things. We went to the toy store and all he wanted were the big plastic animals. I got him a few small monkeys and rhinos and elephants. I think he was bummed out. He calls his animals his "guys." He carries as many of his guys with him wherever he goes. His favorite thing to do is throw the animals behind the couch and then insist we retrieve them for him. We do this over and over again. The cool thing is that he is a mini Jack in the way he loves animals. He loves watching Animal Planet. Joe isn't much of a cartoon watcher, unless there are animals. He is watching Finding Nemo a lot.

When Mom and I are in Minnesota, Jack and Joe will be in St. Michaels with Nana, Papa Sy, Uncle Stinky, Aunt Tracy, Emma and Sam. It will be fun. We are all going to go back there for Thanksgiving. Last November, we spent Thanksgiving at the Ronald McDonald House in Minneapolis. I wonder if Mom and I will go by there. I don't know. Maybe I'll go by and take a picture.

I have finally caught up with my letters to you. I have a bunch of notes and things I still need to add but it feels good to be writing to you regularly again.

Joe doesn't ever want to go to bed. Sound familiar. Kiss goodnight big guy. I love you.

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