Wednesday, November 19, 2003

I jinxed Jack and me. Remember how I said I hadn't signed anyone out of school all year. That changed today. I had just dropped Jack and David off at school and gotten to work when Mom called me. The school called her to say Jack has the chicken pox and we had to come get him. I went back and there he was looking very sad sitting at the front desk waiting for me. I took the clipboard for "Signing out Students" and started to write "H-e" when I stopped and realized I was writing your name. I scratched that out and wrote, "Jack Goldberg." Jack said that he was very bummed to miss Hebrew today. He did not want to leave. Wow, that is so cool.

Jack and I drove over to the doctor's office. The doctor counted 40 bumps on Jack. He isn't too sure that it is chicken pox. Jack had the vaccine and then he had what we thought were the chicken pox 2 years ago when Mom was about to have Joe and you were immune compromised. That was the time that you had to rush over to the hospital with Mom to get V-Zig to protect you. Jack and I lived in the basement for a week so he wouldn't infect you. The incubation period was so long and Mom and I were incredibly worried that you were going to get sick.

The only way for the doctor to know for sure that Jack has chicken pox this time is to do a blood test. You know how Jack is about needles, so that ain't gonna happen. So whatever it is, Jack will stay home the rest of the week and go back to school on Monday. I hope he won't be too bored. He has his Lego, Pokemon cards, Game Boy and some new movies to watch, "Holes" and "Sinbad." Joe will be excited to have Jack around.

I have to go back to the office. It is raining out.

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