Saturday, November 15, 2003

Mom and I went to lunch at the Loring Pasta Bar after the morning sessions. It is the restaurant where we took Jack to tell him that you were going to die. I had the same thing to eat this time.

After lunch we drove over to Fairview. When we got to the hospital we saw the most amazing thing. We were walking in the front of the building and there was no-one around except a little boy about 4 years old. I didn't see his parents. I also didn't see his face because he was wearing a Batman mask and cape. He was literally dancing around. I said "hello." He said "hi" back. Someone I know who is really smart about these things said that if they ever made a movie about your life, that would be the closing scene. I think he is right.

We went up to the transplant floor, 4A. Most of the nurses remember you. Sasha was there and Kent. We asked the nurses how many boy and girls were on the floor and how old they are. There were a few kids who have Fanconi anemia. There was a kid with FA in your room, 5.

Such a plain place but I wish we were back. I got very sad looking at the door. I looked at the door next to it where Jaxon was. He died in that room. We then went upstairs to see where you died.

First we went to 5B and saw Carol, who was one of your nurses. She was surprised to see us. She said that your name comes up all the time. Then we walked over to 5C. It was really quiet there. There were no families in the hallways or doctors talking. I looked out the window at your end of the hall and it was "smokey" out. There was no-one in the room where you died. I wasn't as sad as I thought I would be.

We left the hospital and went to the Target in our old neighborhood. I was walking down the toy aisles and I looked up and saw a friend. Laura Silberfarb, who originally is from around here but now lives in Minnesota, was there shopping with her daughters. She is friends with Caryn Pass. Jack was in her daughter's class at the Minneapolis Jewish Day School. It was an incredible coincidence to run into someone I know just like it was an incredible coincidence -- or magic or whatever makes special things happen -- to see Batman in front of the hospital. Mom and I bought presents for all of the kids going through transplant on 4A. We got Game Boy Advance players and games for the boys, and CD players and CDs for the girls. We also bought some little kid toys for the really young guys. At some point I want to get everyone portable DVD players and XM radios.

We went back over to the hospital and gave the gifts to the nurses to give to the kids.

Someone asked me if we wanted to but I said I didn't think it was a good idea. I didn't think the parents would want to meet us. It just felt good to know the kids were getting something nice. Hopefully it would help them forget for just a tiny bit how hard their lives are.

It would be good to get something for the parents, too. This is what the Hope for Henry Foundation is all about. I need to show you the brochure that Hannah made. I'll get that up on here.

I love you.

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