Tuesday, November 25, 2003

I get sad at the same place every time I drive to work. U Street somewhere between 12th and 11th Streets. Sometimes I look around to see if there is anything that I see that makes me think of you. I haven't found anything. I wonder why that happens.

Tonight is Aunt Abby's 40th birthday party. I am psyched for her. She definitely does not look or act like she is 40. She seems much younger, like Mom. I am not feeling much like a party right now, though. Maybe it is because I remember where I was on my 40th. Sitting shiva for you. I'll snap out of it for Aunt Abby and for Mommy, and we'll have a good time.

On Friday there is another party. This one is for Mommy. It is her 20th high school reunion. That means all of the people who went to school with Mommy 20 years ago will get together and talk about what they have been doing all this time. Everyone looks at everyone else to see if they still look like they did when they were in school. It is all very silly grown up nonsense. People that Mom hasn't seen in forever tell her she hasn't changed one bit.

I think it will be fun for Mom to see all of her friends from so long ago. At the same time I am a little worried for Mommy because she is going to get asked all night about her family. She might get sad telling our story so many times, but I don't know. When you get past the whole "death" thing, it does feel good to be able to tell people about what a great kid you are/were, and of course it is great to be able to brag about Jack and Joe.

I'll take pictures and report back to you.

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