Monday, November 17, 2003

When we were in Minneapolis, Joe and Jack were in St. Michaels with Nana and Papa Sy. Nana said that Joe try to strip off his clothes. It sounded so much like you, nature boy. You know that Joe loves animals the way you loved superheroes. Joe loves to watch Animal Planet and Stanley. Did you know Stanley's best friend Lester is Jewish. His full name is Lester Goldberg. He has a pretty square head. I guess he is like Billy who is Roly Poly Olly's square headed friend.

Well at least I think Lester is Jewish. You never know these days.

I bought Jack the Stanley book about sharks, "Shark Mad Stanley," when we first got to Minnesota for your transplant. This was way before they had a television show. I saw it at that store Mom likes, Patina. I just like the way it was drawn and I knew that Jack would like anything with sharks or whales in it.

Maybe Joe will be the Crocodile Hunter when he grows up. I never understand why the crocodile hunter keeps moving the crocodiles at his zoo from one enclosure to another. Joe and I went to the zoo last weekend and he wouldn't let us leave the hippos. We watched them for 20 minutes and Joe just kept saying, "big." Maybe Joe and Jack can have an animal show like the Kratt brothers' show we used to watch on PBS, Kratt's Creatures.

When we were over at the Abramson's house in Minneapolis this weekend, Louie asked me what was your favorite animal. I totally spaced. I asked Mom and she said "horses." How could I have forgotten that?

I took these pictures when we went to a farm. I don't think you ever caught the ducks but you gave them a good run.

I wish I had brought the movie camera with us.

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